6M Ready for Desecheo (K5D)

I installed a small, non-optimized, and somewhat resonant 3el 6M beam temporarily to try to work the K5D DXpedition on this band.  This morning, I heard a couple CQs from them on 50.106 Mhz but they weren’t copyable long enough to make a QSO.  I’ve got a pretty good shot in that direction, as you can see in the 2nd photo.

Here’s the small 6m yagi on a 25ft tall push-up aluminum mast. The antenna on the left is a sloping fan dipole for 10, 17, and 15m, It usually gives me an S-unit advantage into Europe and South America over the verticals on these bands.
Here’s my path toward Desecheo Is…..nothing but salt water. Stock Island can be seen in the distance, with nothing but the Bahamas between it and KP5.