New Low Band Receive Antenna (Waller Flag)

I recently finished building a “Waller Flag” receive antenna primarily for the 160m band. The design was taken directly from N4IS’s web site, at which Carlos has published detailed instructions. The design is originally from NX4D, and both he and N4IS have had great success with this antenna.

The left two transformers are 9:1 and the one on the right is 1:1. All three are wound on 73 mix binocular cores to W8JI recommendations.
The spreaders for the two loops are actually made of PVC, something I can get cheap here in Key West. It only needs to last one season, as I transfer next summer. This shot is looking southeast.
Here’s another shot, looking east (towards Africa). The antenna “sees” salt water from 45 degrees (Europe) through south to west.