Future home location on Guam

We picked out a house today, and should be moving in early next week. From a radio standpoint, it should work pretty well. It is located on the northern end of the housing area, on the corner of a group of houses, with a clear shot to the north (Japan) and northwest (Europe). It is 400 feet from the fence line and hundreds of acres of scrub jungle, where I can go crazy with beverage receive antennas.

Here is an aerial view showing the house location and it’s surroundings
Topographic view

Future Guam house photos

Front of the house
Looking up the street from the front porch
next-door playground. There is an embankment between the house and the playground which will keep random kids away from the house.
Living room/dining room area
living/dining room looking toward the dining table end of the room
dining/living room, TV end of the room, looking out to the rear patio
kitchen – the door opens to the same back patio.
another look at the kitchen counter area
Laundry room area
Back patio
Looking northwest from the patio

Not shown: two identical bathrooms, one common, one in the master bedroom, both full with bath tub.

Also not shown: there are four bedrooms along the back of the house, all in a row connected by a hallway. The two on the ends are the largest, but are still pretty small. One will be the master (the one with the bathroom), the other will be Jordan’s. There are two smaller bedrooms in between, which will be used by Alex and Justin.

there is also a small one-car garage with automatic door lift. My plan is to build a wall to split the garage into two ends. The garage door end will be used for storage, and the other end for my office/radio room. The garage seems to get cooled from the house AC and it was not at all hot in the middle of the afternoon. I suspect my “office” will be cooler once I have the wall built and stuff stored against the non-insulated roll-up door.

There is also a walk-in closet/pantry next to the kitchen.This will probably become Mickey’s shoe shrine.

Panorama of the back yard

The open space around the house was a big plus. When facing the house, it is on the corner of a circle. There is one house directly to the left, and one caddy-corner to the right. Everywhere else is in the clear. This is one of the most spacious yards in the most spacious housing area on island.