Antenna Approval Received!

I received approval from both Navy Housing and the Navy Spectrum Manager to install the Spiderbeam at my house.

The antenna is at 34 feet (10.4m). This is not very high, but is about the highest I can go safely and still be able to raise and lower it myself. It seems to work pretty well with good signal reports on all five bands when there’s been propagation.

The 40/30m dipole is still in the coconut tree to the left of the yagi. I still want to get it a little bit higher, and I am still considering moving the feed point atop the yagi, on a 12ft aluminum mast extension.

I have to lower the antenna prior to traveling to Honolulu next week, and I will look into adding the extension when I get back.

I have some concern with interaction on 15m between the yagi and the dipole, but there is not much I can do about it with the space I have. The yagi seems to exhibit good F/S and F/B on 15m with no noticeable change when I raise and lower the dipole. The dipole no longer has a flat SWR on 15m (2:1 now) once I added the 30m parallel wire, so perhaps that helped detune it somewhat on 15.

The good thing is that none of the neighbors seem to care about my antennas, nor does it appear that I have any TVI problems. I did get into my daughter’s TV a little bit, which is located directly under the antenna, but some turns of the CATV coax around a ferrite core cured the problem.