2010 RSGB IOTA contest

Call: NH2T
Operator(s): N2NL
Station: N2NL

Class: SO12CW HP
QTH: Guam
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Band CW Qs CW Mults Ph Qs Ph Mults
80: 11 8 0 0
40: 112 20 0 0
20: 442 28 0 0
15: 208 25 0 0
10: 1 1 0 0
Total: 774 82 0 0 Total Score = 459,036

Club: Florida Contest Group


Fun contest!

Contesting from the Western Pacific is unique, especially with the current
solar conditions. For most of the day, the bands are [always] open to JA, with
a few weak EU and NA callers. For a short period, perhaps a couple hours here
and there, a band will open to EU or NA and it’s off to the races while the
opening lasts. A few hours of shoveling pileups with the rest trying to grind
out 60 QSOs an hour.

Unlike the recent IARU contest, 20m stayed open all night. In fact, If it’s
possible, I think the band was too open. After midnight local time, 20 was
wide open into Europe. As long as I wasn’t spotted on packet, the rate was
excellent with only 3 or 4 callers at a time. Once I was spotted – all hell
broke loose. The pileup quickly grew unmanageable, and the rate plummeted. I
still don’t understand why, if I’m repeatedly trying to call a G0XY?, that some
UR7 or OK2 will keep calling. 20 was packed, so I didn’t want to go split, and
with the rate dropping like a rock, my only option was to spin the dial and
start over again. The rate would then be good – then the packet spot – and
resulting chaos. This happened a couple times – and I always felt bad leaving
the pileup – so I eventually packed it in with a realization that a 30/hr of JA
was worth the same number of points as a 150/hr of EU.

Sunday was the expected grind of Pacific rim stuff. Not too much JA activity,
but I was suprised at the amount of activity from China. Many were QRV,
including several BY IOTA expeditions. This is most excellent!

I saved some off time for late Sunday, expecting to add to the few QSOs I had
on 40 and 80. 80 was a bust – and the Dragon made a mess of 40. The radar was
between S8 and 10-over-9 here, and absolutely killed all but the strongest
callers. I felt bad pushing the F1 key when I knew there were guys calling me,
but it was hopeless. I will be adding a couple beverage RX antennas shortly
that I hope will have some benefit on 40 – and perhaps null the Dragon somewhat
when listening toward NA.

I hopefully will soon have my station SO2R capable, at least to some extent,
which should help make things even a little more fun with a score boost as

Thanks again for all the QSOs, and to W2YC for managing the QSL duties for me.
73, Dave KH2/N2NL