WAE DX Contest, CW

WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: NH2T
Operator(s): N2NL
Station: NH2T

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Guam
Operating Time (hrs): 3

Band QSOs QTCs Mults
20: 6 4
15: 263 32
10: 3 2
Total: 272 140 76 Total Score = 30,780

Club: Florida Contest Group


My wife and kids returned from a three week trip to the Philippines during the
weekend, so I wasn’t even planning on making any QSOs at all. However, since
15m has been pretty good into Europe, I broke away from family for the couple
peak hours each late afternoon to hand out the multiplier.

I did my best to accommodate those who asked me for a QSY, but 20m wasn’t all
that good when I was QRV. 10 was open both days to far Eastern Europe, but
there was no one home. I also tried to help with QTC requests – however I
wanted to work as many as possible so I said no primarily on Saturday when the
pileup was big but well behaved. On Sunday, some of the callers were
obnoxious, such as a UX2 calling when I was clearly asking for a SP6. During
these times I gave out QTC’s whenever asked. Unfortunately I got spotted with
the comment “has QTCs” and I got an immediate pileup of QTC requesters.

Dez G0DEZ wrote the following in his M6W 3830 post

“Funniest moment; I was logged onto the cluster as G0DEZ and spotted NH2T.
NH2T obviously saw my spot flash up and so called for G0DEZ (despite the fact I
wasn’t calling). Had to give him 599 001 of course.”

Yes – guilty as charged! The UK is the most difficult EU path from here, and
those poor G’s have to be heard through much louder Eastern European stations,
so I always take special effort to listen for them in a pileup. I didn’t know
that G0DEZ was M6W (whom I had already worked), so when I saw the spot I made
an effort to call for him thinking he may have been calling.

Another funny thing was getting called by a loud DL2 Sunday on 10m, who gave me
#1. For some reason I was not able to get any other DL’s, or any EU for that
matter, to call in. I’m pretty sure the DL2 was operating from HZ… so I
suppose I was being heard in zone 21.

Sorry I couldn’t have been on more, but family took precedence this weekend.

See you on the bands,
73 Dave NH2T aka KH2/N2NL