EU/JA Beverage installed!

Today was beautiful outside – no rain, sunny, and dry so I got the second Beverage RX antenna installed.

My North American Beverage is about 1000ft long, and is pointed at 45 degrees. The new European/Japan Beverage is 900ft long and pointed at 330 degrees.

Not much to look at, but this is the termination of the EU Beverage. 8ft ground rod (not fun to carry through the jungle) and a 500 ohm termination.
This is the home made end insulator, made from schedule 40 PVC.
I can not get electric fence insulators on island, but these home made ones work great. The wire I use is #18 copper clad steel.

I switch between these two antennas remotely, by sending 12v DC on the feed line. AD5X explains how to do this very well here:

This is the remote coax switch, made from AD5X’s design. It is covered with a plastic storage tote and big rock to keep it out of the weather.
Lots of deer prints out in the jungle – these are from Philippine Deer (the species) brought here by the Spanish. They are not native to the island but do very well in the wild. The Beverage is up about 7-8ft to keep the wire well clear of their antlers.
Pig wallow – another non-native species. Pigs I worry about while in the jungle, and I don’t want to corner a mom with a youngster. I do make sure to make plenty of noise and carry a machete *just in case*
This image shows the layout of my low band antennas.