Poor pileup behavior

I had a rare chance to get on 40m just after my Sunrise this morning and quickly had a small pileup of callers. For some reason, however, the behavior of some calling was very, very bad.

When I ask for an IZ2? I would like the JO3 to stop calling. In this case, the JO3 would not stop calling. I finally got the IZ2’s call because the JO3 paused for a moment. Even when I asked for EU only, the JO3 kept calling. I finally had to work him so he would shut up and go away. Very disappointing.

This behavior continued. It did not matter who I was trying to work, stations would continue to call. I lost my patience when trying to work a PY1 – EU callers would not let me work this PY calling on the long path, so I went QRT.

Very disappointing – if callers would listen, I would be able to put more stations in the log faster, including many of those who were only creating QRM.