Where has KH2/N2NL been?

I have received a couple emails asking me – “Where have you been? Are you still in Guam?”

I assure you I am still living on Guam :) Things have been very busy for me over the past couple months. I am currently enrolled in a MA History program (with a focus on WWII) and had a highly ambitious curriculum this semester. That and two major work projects did not leave much free time for radio.

My classwork for the semester has ended, and I hope to return to the airwaves as propagation improves in the spring time. Additionally, I am making some station improvements. Notably, I have begun work on a new NA Beverage, deeper in the jungle. This is to try to alleviate the QRN I suffer on my existing antenna, which is located somewhat closer to the street and power lines.

I hope to see you on the bands!
73, Dave