South American Beverage antenna completed

I was able to get the remainder of the new Southeast Beverage strung yesterday afternoon. Since I was only able to go a couple hundred feed from my planned feed point, I took a reciprocal heading and pushed northwest at 290 degrees until I intersected the feed line for my new North American Beverage. There, I inserted my remote coax switch into the feed line and fed the new wire from that point.

The new Beverage is pointed at 110 degrees; ideal for South America and the east central Pacific (HC8/FO/T30). There isn’t all that much activity in this direction from here, however I know it will be useful during contests when I find myself relying on my Beverages to cut down on QRM on 40-160.

Fortunately – no wasps today! I was prepared with a heavy pair of coveralls and a can of wasp killer, however It turned out that I didn’t need them.

I still want to install a fourth RX Beverage in the direction of ZS/VK6/YB as these areas can be difficult for me to hear for some reason. It only looks like I can get about 400ft unless I drag a lot more coax into the jungle, however this length should be enough for this non-polar path.