How to lift a 110ft long, 125 ton Coast Guard Cutter

I’ve been extremely busy at work, which has been preempting my operating time. The Coast Guard Cutter Washington recently started a maintenance availability, and I’ve been acting as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) and Port Engineer.

A couple weeks ago, the ship was hauled from the water with two large floating cranes, each rated 100 tons each. The larger of the two cranes was built in 1944 – old technology that still works!

Moving the ship into position
Using the fork lift as a tow truck
In position – time to hoist
The propellers clear the water
Clear of the water – all movement stops for 10 minutes to make sure everything is holding satisfactorily
Pivoting the barges to bring the ship to the pier – the cranes stay locked in position
Almost there…
getting closer…
All done – time for lunch!