9BWAZ – big progress!

Thanks in large to the great high band conditions, I’ve worked 4 of the 14 zones I needed previously to complete 9BWAZ. During the Oceania DX contest, I took a break to make some QSOs on 12m after seeing that VE2TKH was active on packet. Steve called in with a good signal to complete 12m WAZ. We then moved successfully to 10m for my 2nd to last zone needed there. Thanks Steve!

All during the week, I stayed up late hoping to catch a TF on 10 for my last zone. Conditions to the UK were excellent, so I knew it was possible. Attempts to CQ were unsuccessful, because I quickly became inundated with loud zone 15 callers. Peter, OX3XR was also QRV in my mornings on 10m, but only sporadically. I contacted him via email, and Peter replied that he would spend more time on 10m the following morning.

On Friday morning, I saw that Peter was already active. I was glued to his frequency, not hearing anything as the minutes past following sunrise here. His callers kept building in strength; W8’s starting at 559 and quickly building to 599 +. As I started to hear him, he went QRX for dinner.

20 minutes later, he returned, and I had copy on him. He started by calling for KH2L, whom I did not realize was on frequency. I responded with my call, and received my 339 report. Following our QSO there were several callers, including KH2L who worked him next through those in NA. 10m WAZ complete! Thanks Peter!

Friday night, it was icing on the cake to work TF2CT on 10m RTTY, for a 2nd zone 40 QSO on 10m. This is the hardest zone to work from Guam on 10m, and proof that conditions are really back on 10.

The 4th new zone I worked came earlier in the week on 40m. I’d been chasing VO2NS who’s been very active on the band, spotted almost nightly. I saw him spotted again, Wednesday night I believe, and finally heard him. We completed a QSO to finish 40m WAZ for me.

With 10 zones remaining to complete 9BWAZ, here is the rundown of what I need:

30m: Zone 2
80m: Zones 2 and 36
160m: Zones 2, 10, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38.

With the potential of only having two more winters here on Guam before I transfer stateside, I will be pushing hard to try to shorten the list this low band season. 9BWAZ would mean a lot to me – more than winning any particular contest. I’m only here for a limited time, placing DXCC honor roll out of reach, so the WAZ awards would mean a lot to me.