New 6×2 antenna switch

A few years ago, I helped Mike SM3WMV out by shipping some electronic parts to Sweden. In return, he gave me a set of PCBs he had designed for a 6×2 antenna switch. This is a switch box that lets two radios switch between 6 antennas – perfect for SO2R. Mike’s design is as good or better than switches available commercially, with 70db of isolation or better between radios.

I finally got around to purchasing the relays and building the 6×2 switch. It works very well, and has replaced the rats nest of antenna switching I have used here for the past 16 months.

Underside of the relay board showing .01uf caps and 1N4148 diodes to protect the relays
Top of the relay board. The ugly strips in the middle are the back side of single-sided PCB used to shield the center row of relays to improve isolation.
Completed 6×2 switch showing wiring and the green interlock board. The assembly was mounted in a scrap controller box (free)
Underside of the 6×2 switch showing the connectors and wood frame I built to support it in the window sill where it will be placed