The hidden road

Last night, while reading about the Liberation of Guam on the internet, I stumbled across a Marine map of northern Guam, showing the lines of advance during 1944. One thing caught my eye – a road was shown on the map, along the northwestern side of Guam, in between my house and Hilaan point! Was this the old road I had found the other day? I looked on Google Earth and found a line of trees that looked larger and older than the rest – lined up generally N/S – this might be it!

The arrow points to a dirt road that apparently existed during the war, but does not exist today

I headed back into the jungle to explore. First, I went back to the dump I found next to the sink hole, to see if I could find any whole watch mugs. Unfortunately, they were all broken, but I found a few other things, including a US Navy fork.

Broken watch mug and a Horlicks malted milk jar
Old coke bottles everywhere – all dated 1945
Some old radio parts, including old batteries and part of a variable capacitor

I headed deeper into the jungle, to intersect the old 4WD path which I suspected was the old road. I soon came across it, and headed north. Not more than 50ft I started finding old bottles.

I think this was a Japanese sake bottle. I found one of these whole before, however they have no embossing, and the paper label is long gone, so there is no way to know for sure.

I walk a little further – and bingo! I find a Japanese beer bottle, sitting next to an old military truck tire.

Japanese Dai Nippon beer bottle, as I found it laying next to an WW2 truck tire.

In some places, it was very easy to follow the old road. Apparently, it had been graded, and you could still see the dirt piled on on either side. Other places it was impossible to follow, heavily overgrown. I continued north, portaging around these heavily overgrown areas.

Another Japanese beer bottle, found off the side of the old road. This is how they lay – generally uncovered on the rocky limestone ground.
The road is very difficult to follow in some places
And very easy to follow in others

I headed as far north as possible, until I lost track of the road in the overgrowth. I was near the old FAA property, which had been cleared in the 1950s. These areas are now heavily overgrown with low bushes and trees, unlike the old growth in the jungle that is generally more wide open under the canopy of leaves. I made it back to the house, where I cleaned up my finds. Next – to head south on this road, and see where it takes me…

My finds – two DaiNippon beer bottles, a USN fork, and a coke bottle