2012 CQWW WPX CW – late posting

Back in late May I operated the WPX CW contest. Just after the contest, I submitted my log and got on a plane to San Francisco for work. I never got the chance to post anything about the contest.

Conditions last year were brutal, so bad that I quit just over half way into the contest. I was scared to death that the conditions would be just as bad, but they turned out to be great. 15m stayed open into Europe late and 20m was open all night long.

My final score, taken from the computer screen:

t was really nice to break 12 million points, but of course this score will drop significantly with log checking. This should still easily break the existing Oceania SOAB record, 9.1m, held by Bill K4XS (KH7XS).

The continental results showed a nice even mix of Asia, Europe, and North America:

After the contest, I went to visit Danny, KH2JU, who had visitors. J-P, OH6RX, and Harry WX8C operated multi single from Danny’s station. It was really great to have the opportunity to meet Harry for the first time and J-P again after many years Рthe last time was in 2002 at WRTC in Helsinki.

From left: OH6RX, KG6DX, N2NL, WX8C, KH2JU, KH2JU XYL