N2NL.NET version 2.0

I stopped updating my site back in 2014, when I left Guam.  In 2018 or 2019, the site broke, likely due to a server upgrade.  Of course, I didn’t have a backup.  Fortunately, I was able to download a copy of all the files from the old web site.  I have re-uploaded all of my original posts, with the original publishing date listed.  Lesson from this experience:  make backups!

I have been going through all my old photos and trying to organize them into a logical way.  I have a lot of “material” I did not have time to upload when I was back in Guam from 2010-2014, as well as newer stuff that may be of interest from my time in Hawaii and now Alabama.  As I slowly am able to work my way through my old photos, I will try to make an effort to upload and document some of the more interesting stuff on my site.