A little bit of website history:

I first started hosting a website on a free host, QSL.NET, in the very early 2000’s.  That metamorphosed into a Gallery site, so I could post patrol photos while I was stationed on board CGC THETIS in Key West.  I had command approval to post patrol photos, as long as I followed operational protocol guidelines.  The galleries became popular with crewmember’s families and had tallied a few thousand views over time.

In 2009, I began using WordPress, and started posting photos of my station in Key West.  I had antennas on a dock over salt water.  They performed very well, and many were interested in my setup.  Later, after moving to Guam, I continued to post stories of my station there as it evolved.  Additionally, I began to post stories of my explorations around the island and search for WW2 history on the island.

I stopped posting in 2014 shortly after moving from Guam to Hawaii.  More recently, the site “broke”.  Several have asked what happened, so in December 2020 I began rebuilding this site, starting by re-uploading my older posts first.