12m QRM

Whenever 12m is open toward Europe, KH2L and I always hear this ticking noise. It really is annoying and makes weak signal copying difficult. The K3 does a so-so job of cleaning it up.

It’s probably some sort of OTH radar out of China, but I’m not certain. It is definitely DX however. Just another example of the garbage on the bands out this way.


Apparently this is a CODAR ocean wave radar for measuring sea state and currents. They are deployed all around the coast of China, Taiwan, South Korean, and Japan. They are capable of operating on 24Mhz.

15m open to Europe

Good conditions this evening into Europe on 15m. The pileup was lots of fun – guys spread out over a KC or so which made it easier to pull out the callers. I always try to work the weaker stations calling in the clear, but sometimes it’s impossible with a big gun calling over everyone else.

Here is what 15M to EU sounds like when conditions are pretty good, Tuning across my 15m pileup of European callers:



160M Sound Clips

Here are a few recordings I recently made on 160m.

The first is of CT1ILT, booming in from Portugal:

Here is a very weak station calling CQ.  Can you copy the call?

A QSO with SM2LIY, whom I believe was operating from Mike, SM2WMV’s place (also known as SJ2W):

And finally, here is UA4CC who was already in daylight when this recording was made:

Did you figure out the call sign in the 2nd MP3?  If not – here’s a spoiler.  UA9MA!

H44MY on 160M

Here is a quick recording of H44MY CQing on 160m, QSX on 22 (1822Khz).  The loud static crashes are courtesy the large Nor’easter up in the mid Atlantic states and from thunderstorms along a strong cold front over northern Florida.

More recent update after making this original post:  I was sure I had worked him easily.  There were a ton of static crashes, but I heard N*N* and the timing was perfect.  He wasn’t working that many people otherwise.  Turns out he actually worked NN1N, and not me.  So, as of December 2020, I still need zone 28 on 160m, one of my last two zones still needed (zone 26 is the other).